Discover The Preserve

Discover The Preserve

Our community dedicates itself to preserving and protecting a quintessential 18th century California rancho for generations.

We are committed to living gently and lightly on the land and to respecting nature and each other.  As a community our connection runs deeper than a shared property line.  We believe that life inside The Preserve is lived at a different pace and depth than life outside it.  We respect the traditions of yesterday, and have an enthusiasm for reinterpreting them today.  We gather family and friends here; we reflect on cherished memories and create new ones; we gaze at starry nights, hike up streams though redwood forests and ride 40 miles without leaving our community. We enjoy the cuisine, wine, shops,art, music, events and culture of  nearby Carmel, Pebble Beach, Discover The Preserve - Luxury Properties Carmel, Luxury Properties California

Monterey and Big Sur. The Preserve is your opportunity to create a legacy for your family in a timeless, irreplaceable place.

The Preserve

Welcome to the Santa Lucia Preserve.

Owner Governance

The Preserve is an owner-governed community.

Mission, Vision & Values

The Preserve is a community dedicated to appreciating and respecting the natural beauty of The Preserve and its geographical, historical, and cultural setting.

Signature Events

The Preserve believes in creating unique memories with family and friends that cannot be found or repeated elsewhere.

A Rich History

In 1990 Tom Gray and his partners were only the fourth owners of the land.

Legacy Architecture

The designs evolve out of thoughtful adaptations to the land, legacy of early settlers, and sensitivity to the legacy we leave behind.

Tour the Area

The Preserve is only minutes from popular destinations which all offer their own unique character and attractions.