Preserve Lands


18,000 acres are left permanently undeveloped.


The Santa Lucia Preserve includes all 20,000 acres of its predecessor, Rancho San Carlos, which dates from 1857. The "Preserve Lands" (18,000 acres) are the portion left permanently undeveloped. They are comprised of Wildlands (10,000 acres) and Openlands (6,000 acres). The Santa Lucia Conservancy, an endowed, independent, non-profit land trust, owns the Wildlands; the Preserve's residents privately own the Openlands, subject to the Conservancy's restrictive and protective easements. All of the Preserve Lands are managed by Santa Lucia Conservancy to protect wildlife habitats in perpetuity and to provide for scientific research, education and recreational activities. These 18,000 acres of protected lands make up 90 percent of the Santa Lucia Preserve.
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