Settled Lands


Only 2,000 of The Preserve's 20,000 acres are designated as Settled Lands.


2,000 of the Preserve's 20,000 acres are designated as Settled Lands, privately owned and used for limited, controlled development. The Settled Lands include 300 Homelands and various Rancholands. Homelands are carefully sited envelopes for residences. These Homelands were identified and selected based on a combination of environmental and aesthetic values. They are positioned in The Preserve's least environmentally sensitive areas and are separated from one another, in most cases, by several hundred yards. Rancholands contain The Preserve’s utilities, roads, community-serving facilities and recreation amenities, such as the Corporation Yard, the Golf Course, the Hacienda, the Polo Pools, the Equestrian Center and the Sports Center. Settled Lands - Preserve Settled Lands