Mission, Vision & Values

The Santa Lucia Preserve is a community dedicated to appreciating and respecting the natural beauty of The Preserve and its geographical, historical and cultural setting. The community includes 300 families, the Santa Lucia Conservancy, and the staff who support operations and infrastructure. Working in partnership, the members of the community aim to gently settle, use, share, sustain and enjoy the land by protecting, maintaining and wherever possible, enhancing its natural resources and wildlife.

Members of the Santa Lucia Preserve community take personal responsibility for achieving the aims of the community by the manner in which they conduct their lives, specifically subscribing to these values:

  • appreciation for natural beauty and conservation;
  • commitment to architectural design and land use that are compatible with the Preserve's landscape, environment, and ecology;
  • recognition of the importance of the concept of "One Preserve" – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts;
  • respect for ALL members of the community and for a diversity of lifestyles that fall within the community's values;
  • neighborliness and inclusiveness;
  • a special focus on sharing The Preserve with family and friends;
  • trustworthiness and open communication;
  • regard for and integration with the region's and surrounding communities' history, culture and diversity;
  • support for and involvement in maintaining a responsive and responsible community government;
  • support for long-term, fiscally sound management that provides excellence in services, facilities and events, and maintains the highest aesthetic standards;
  • enjoyment and promotion of gracious, informal hospitality and spontaneity;
  • gratefulness for the gifts life and The Preserve offer – family, friends, neighbors, dedicated staff, natural beauty, culture, and history.

The Santa Lucia Preserve envisions itself a dynamic, responsive, and stable community, creating a legacy for future generations through the perpetuation of its legendary, timeless and irreplaceable qualities.