Golf. Naturally.

Is the best golf on the Monterey Peninsula a well-preserved secret?

The most rare and appreciated rounds are those played where one’s partner is nature. Here on the idyllic Monterey Peninsula are a number of these iconic courses, but here, The Preserve Golf Club stands alone, for ours is set within a 20,000-acre private nature preserve.

“A good walk spoiled”?

Mark Twain had it all wrong.

Here we share the course with wildlife, and in spring, we walk fairways through hills carpeted with wildflowers.

Is this Fazio’s best work?

Tom Fazio possesses a holistic, almost painterly vision of how golf frames into landscapes — a flashed bunker, a turn in the fairway — eye candy with a soft, flowing landscape that rises, falls and subtly changes from hole to hole, varying the challenge but never the charm. Those who know the game and love the sun consider The Preserve’s 18 as one of the best and most scenic in the region.

“It's as if you are going on a grand hike and happen to have a golf club in your hand.”

– Tom Fazio

“It’s so peaceful and quiet you can actually hear the ball land. It’s all you want: challenge, beauty and flawless conditions. A spectacular track in a natural wonderland.”

Course Highlights

  • A Tom Fazio masterpiece set into a serene landscape
  • Practice Facility including multiple tee driving range, short game area, target greens and wedge zone
  • Private, open year-round to Preserve and National Members
  • Esteemed host to regional and national qualifiers and tournaments
  • Award-winning clubhouse with lounge and dining
  • Extensive locker and spa-like facilities, massage services available
  • Multiple golf pros on staff delivering superlative lessons and service
  • Year-long schedule of tournaments and social events

Like everything designed here, the land was the first thing taken into consideration when creating the golf course. The preeminent golf course architect of the era, Tom Fazio, took a helicopter ride over the Santa Lucia Mountains. He was given a map and survey of every archeological and ecological feature and asked to design the golf course of his dreams. What resulted was this 365-acre course that immerses the golfer in Mother Nature. Whether a walking or riding game, Fazio agrees “This is as good as it gets. You don’t really need me, the course and spectacular golf holes are already here.”

Awards & Accolades

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"Top 10 California Golf Courses"

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"Best in California"

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"The 25 Best Golf Communities in North America"

Not just another golf round

There’s nothing like starting a morning or later afternoon round with the low angles of the sun casting defining shadows across the fairways, the Santa Lucia Mountains in the background. It’s a time to pause, appreciate this place, perhaps watching the deer or a bobcat meander along the native grasses – this is after all their home too. This is what golf feels like on a course that is managed as an integral part of a 20,000 acre preserve.  

“Your pup as a partner, margaritas and pulled pork sandwiches after nine? Please, play through, or better yet, why not join us for lunch in this awe-inspiring redwood grove?”


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Photo Credits: Joann Dost.

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