The Hacienda

The Hacienda

At the heart of The Preserve

The centerpiece of The Ranch Club is a beautifully preserved Spanish colonial-style Hacienda. Now almost 100-years old, it is the social heart of the community where owners and guests enjoy farm-to-table cuisine sourced from its organic garden, and very special overnight accommodations.

It’s all right here

Built in the 1920s, The Hacienda is the gathering place for The Ranch Club, hosting a rich slate of cultural and artistic events. Its casual understated elegance combined with superb member services creates unforgettable experiences for family and friends. The Hacienda also provides lodging for members’ guests and features a madrone dotted courtyard, sprawling grounds, indoor and outdoor dining, a pool and organic garden. Brimming with colors of the season’s vegetables, fruits and flowers, the garden offers a place to get your hands dirty. Whether it’s foraging for fungi, painting alongside premier plein air artists, building gingerbread houses for the winter festival, or reveling in open air concerts under a canopy of redwoods — this is where magical moments happen.

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Photo Credits: Jamie LeMaire Photography.

Intrigued and want to learn more about the Preserve?

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