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The Santa Lucia Preserve lies along the California Coast in one of the world’s great ‘biodiversity hotspots,’ globally recognized as a place of exceptional ecological value. At the intersection of coastal and inland climate gradients, The Preserve contains a variety of habitats: maritime chaparral and coastal scrub, oak woodlands and coast redwood forests, grasslands and oak savannas, riparian areas and wetlands, streams, and ponds. Over 90% of The Preserve is permanently protected, allowing more than 300 wildlife species to use this magnificent land as a corridor from the mountains to the sea.

As the modern world closes in around us, our beloved natural places become less wild — the beaten paths widen, the solitude of a scenic vista fades away. In choosing to settle this land gently, Preserve families are rewarded with majestic scenery, transformative wildflower and wildlife experiences, and the opportunity to be one with this wild yet intimate landscape.

Caring for The Preserve is a commitment that landowners share with the Santa Lucia Conservancy, a land trust established to be guardian and partner to guide how together we protect the land and foster deeper appreciation of this landscape. This unique nonprofit and community partnership ensures the protection and management of native grasslands, oak savannas, chaparral and redwood forests to improve wildlife habitat and protect scenic vistas.

The Santa Lucia Conservancy is an independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit land trust established in 1995 to steward the unique natural resources of the Santa Lucia Preserve and to promote communities that are ecologically sensitive.

The Conservancy practices cutting-edge science through a pragmatic, humanistic approach.

Using the vast natural laboratory of the 20,000 acre Preserve, the team tests and adapts strategies to advance the practice of conservation through fire and climate resilience, adaptive land management, community engagement, and environmental education.


In addition to owning ~ 10,000 acres on The Preserve, the Conservancy holds conservation easements known as “Openlands” on another ~8,000 acres. The shared responsibilities of the landowner and the Conservancy within the Openlands offer a unique opportunity for each owner to be an active steward of the land. We partner with landowners and design teams to achieve development goals, while undertaking ecological research and restoration activities to adaptively manage habitats and sustain the health and beauty of The Preserve.

In the community, the Conservancy serves as a guide and resource for habitat restoration, fuel and weed management, and living with wildlife on The Preserve.

Permanent conservation agreements held by the Santa Lucia Conservancy ensure that that open space, termed “Wildlands” and “Openlands,” remain protected in partnership with homeowners. In total, just 10% of Preserve lands will ever be developed, which includes homes, roads, Golf and Ranch Clubs as well as additional amenities. Treading lightly on the land is the guiding ethos of The Preserve. When the time comes to design your own home, the Design Review team helps to guide that journey to make your vision a reality, while ensuring that the connection to the land and the ecological health and beauty of The Preserve is protected.

In the community, the Conservancy serves as a guide and resource for habitat restoration, fuel and weed management, and living with wildlife on The Preserve.

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Photo Credits: Serena Lasko, Adam White, Bill Guion, Allen Kennedy, Alix Soliman, Luciane Colett.

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