A place with a cadence all its own

The sun’s first rays fall upon a century-old Hacienda, a wisp of smoke curling from the chimney. Horses graze. Mist dances dreamily on the lake. Here is time and space for deep breathing. Here is separation, and connection. Clarity and an easy cadence are the order of the day. On 20,000 acres virtually untouched by man, hidden away just 10 minutes from Carmel-by-the-Sea, you may find your place in the world.

santa lucia preserve

Custom Homes & Homesites

At home on The Preserve

The Santa Lucia Preserve is a private community of 20,000 acres, 18,000 of which are protected in perpetuity by a conservation land trust. The remaining 10% of the land is set aside for infrastructure, private club amenities (including golf pursuits, outdoor recreation, and equestrian facilities), and just 297 homesites. Upon these are a growing collection of architecturally significant residences. Few are visible from The Preserve’s roads and trails. All have been carefully sited to take advantage of this extraordinary setting. The residential experience that is The Preserve is surely one of the most special on earth.

The Preserve Golf Club

A Tom Fazio masterpiece

Offer one of the game’s greatest architects a pastoral landscape ringed by mountains – a canvas unencumbered by roads, homes, or distraction – and the result is one of the most serene and beautifully challenging 18 holes on the planet. Every tee a postcard. Every green a reward. Yes, the Peninsula has its marquees, but here, bathed in the warm California sun, is a private experience that lives up to a perennial top 100 ranking. Golf Club memberships are available to both residents and non-residents. National memberships are also offered.

santa lucia preserve
santa lucia preserve
santa lucia preserve

The Ranch Club

A sporting life

Is there life beyond golf? The answer is an inviting and engaging multiple choice offering. The Santa Lucia Preserve’s Ranch Club has a rich collection of amenities and programming that includes a world-class Equestrian Center, three dining venues, coffee house, lodging at the historic Hacienda, and a state-of-the-art Sports Center. There is glamping and water sports at Moore’s Lake, sporting courts and a swim center. Classes and instruction bring every amenity and every day vibrantly to life. 

santa lucia preserve

Our Reason for Being


From the beginning, it was believed that the extraordinary value of this rare property was in the beauty, vastness, and richness of its landscape. Placing the land in the care of a group of like-minded owners and structuring the means to protect its vitality and beauty were fundamental in the planning. The Santa Lucia Conservancy is at the heart of this enduring mission. This passionate management of 18,000 of The Preserve’s 20,000 acres guarantees the protection and experience of this natural treasure for future generations.

santa lucia preserve

The Monterey Peninsula & Carmel-by-the-Sea

Is there any more perfect place?

Steinbeck made his legacy here. Generations of fellow artists and adventurers have explored these paths. Today, this breathtaking meeting of land and sea remains one of America’s most treasured destinations. Outside the gates of The Preserve, tucked between old growth forests, pastures, and vineyards are quaint villages, each beckoning a day’s outing. Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Pacific Grove—each unique, and all literally minutes away.


Seeing is believing

However enticing, words and pictures can only begin to capture the magic of The Preserve. We invite you to reach out so we may schedule a visit with your particular interests in mind.

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Photo Credits: Allen Kennedy, Paul Dyer (for Feldman Architecture), TrendyGolf, Joann Dost.

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