It all starts with the land.

Each homesite is a distinct piece of geography, with its own setting, sense of place and strong identity. That is why the nature of the homesites varies so widely — from open meadows and grasslands, to wooded hillsides, to oak savannas, to knolls and ridgetops. 

Each homesite has been diligently mapped and walked to provide special settings with exceptional views, yet, for the most part, where residences would not be seen from any other homesite; places to build homes that would balance a sense of privacy, seclusion and “refuge” with the prospect afforded by vistas of the big surrounding landscape.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home. 

Gary Snyder


By design, each site and building envelope take full advantage of the particular qualities of its natural features — topography, vegetation, views and microclimates. Architect Joe Esherick’s mantra was followed, “Don’t build on your best spot; build next to it, so you can still appreciate that special place.” Not surprisingly, the leading names in residential architecture have found The Preserve’s unique topography to be a remarkable opportunity.

The Habitats


A mosaic of woodlands blanket more than half of The Preserve. Sheltered valleys host wide-spreading canopies of evergreen coast live oak forests, sprinkled with California bay, Pacific madrones and bigleaf maples. Tucked between the hills where it is cooler and wetter, are towering redwoods. Hikers will weave through all this, a riparian gallery filled as well with regal California sycamores, buckeyes, alders, and willows.

Sheltered beneath the canopy are glimpses of more secretive wildlife – frogs, toads, newts and salamanders, mountain lion in search of black-tailed deer, and in the streams, endangered steelhead trout flit from shadow to rock. The Preserve gives the gift of beauty to each guest and resident who takes a moment to look.


Oak savannas are an iconic California landscape, especially as they stand in contrast against the undulating textures of gold grasses. Three species of deciduous oaks dominate Preserve savannas: the slender and leggy black oaks, the solid blue oaks, and the ancient valley oaks.

The oaks of the savannas have stood watch over these lands for centuries, a habitat to perching raptors, nesting cavities for owls, escape nooks for lizards and cool shade for deer. A family of woodpeckers will use the granary year after year. When a branch falls, it may become home to nesting barn owls or kestrels. All these oaky nooks and crannies add texture and depth to a beloved Preserve landscape. Appreciating the complexity nature enhances the experience of exploring the lands we protect together.


The signature golden hills of California emerge as the weather warms. Lush green gives way to shades of gold and tan along rolling topography. When the rains return so do waves of green grass and blankets of wildflowers coloring the hillsides.

Grasslands of The Preserve support some of the most rare and iconic species. The California tiger salamander and wide-eyed California red-legged frog move to the ponds in winter to find a mate and keep their lineage alive. As the grasslands transition from green to brown, along with hundreds of other species retreat to ground squirrel burrows. Above, soaring harrier hawks and golden eagles scan the landscape for dinner.

Custom Homes

The Preserve embodies the intersection of nature and nurture. No two homes are alike but all have been carefully placed on the land. Each owner has poured their creativity, penchant for living an adventurous life, resources, heart and soul into creating their home, while embodying the ethos of treading lightly on the land. Over time, as lives change and circumstances create a new focus or interest, a select few homes may become available for sale. Then again, if you’ve always dreamed of designing your own home, you might be interested in exploring available homesites.

Connected in nature

Hidden beneath The Preserve’s sprawling natural landscape are nearly 50 miles of underground high-speed fiber, providing the intimate conservation community with unparalleled connection to the outside world. Productivity from home is balanced by warm days spent by the lake, hiking nearly 100 miles of trails, riding on horseback from a world-class equestrian center, or playing golf on a widely acclaimed Tom Fazio golf course. Members have access to regular yoga classes, personal training seven days a week, guided hikes, kids’ summer camps and an array of other social events.
A front yard sign that has a sculpture of a fox holding a bag on top of a sign that has The Wyer'y Fox.

Carmel residents have a long-standing tradition of unique signage to identify their homes, such as “This Is It!” and “Nothing Happened Here in 1936.” Our owners have embraced this tradition with signs that reflect the individuality of their own homes and the special nature of The Preserve.


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Photo Credits: Allen Kennedy, Carol Oliva (for Richard Rhodes Architecture), Paul Dyer (for Feldman Architecture), Daniel Piechota (for Sagan Piechota Architecture), David Wakely (for Carlson Design Group).

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