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Venues & Menus

As enticing as The Preserve itself

Whether a nibble or a nosh dining at The Preserve is an all-day affair, with venues that are as enticing as the menus. The historic Hacienda is of course the centerpiece and host to The Preserve’s calendar of social events. The golf clubhouse is an active and engaging space, with a grand main dining room overlooking the 18th fairway, and an expansive stone terrace with views that rival the menu. The newest attraction is the Nest, where members meet up for conversation enjoyed with a fresh daily offering of grab-and-go delicacies.

Around here, dinner begins at dawn

It is only natural that the Hacienda overlooks a garden that cultivates community at the same time that it enriches an inspired farm-to-fork culinary program. Everyone benefits, children especially, learning cooperation, creativity and patience — sharing both the work and the rewards. And who is afraid of a little dirt under their fingernails?

Farm to Table Seasonal Cuisine

Extensive vegetable, herb and flower garden supply farm-to-table seasonal cuisine as well as a peaceful setting for owners to share in the experience. Just steps to the Hacienda on the path to Moore’s Lake, it’s also a favorite spot for a quiet lunch under a spreading oak.

See you at the Nest

The Nest Coffee House

The newest attraction is The Nest Coffee House, our on-site café and ice creamery, where members can sample from a regularly refreshed inventory of locally-sourced grab-and-go eats, hand-crafted coffees and smoothies, as well as artisanal home goods.

The nest coffee house and store
The nest coffee house menu
The nest coffee house window

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