There is simply no place on earth like California’s Central Coast. Hidden within the mountains, only a few miles inland from the Pacific Coast Highway and a two-hour drive from the Bay Area, is a portal into a world preserved by time.

As you drive through the gates of the Santa Lucia Preserve and into its vast and dramatic landscape, you’re overcome with the distinct sense that time has slowed. Rich soil tether deep ancestral roots of vast flora throughout the Santa Lucia Mountains and the web of interconnectedness support a bounty of fauna culminating in a feeling of having arrived inside a national park. The spell deepens with each mile further along the rolling contours of unspoiled open land.

The Santa Lucia Preserve lies at the heart of one of the world’s greatest biodiversity hotspots and is globally recognized as a place of exceptional value and beauty. The topography rises from 90 to 3,000 feet above sea level through valleys, flats, ridges and creek beds. The vegetation transforms from coastal chaparral to grasslands, to rolling oak savannas to woodlands, redwood forests and creeks. Its transect runs east from the marine trench of the Monterey Canyon through the warming foothills of the Santa Lucia Range to the rich alluvial soils and warmth of the Salinas Valley. Whether it’s the unique combination of the Mediterranean climate combined with the geology that draws you here, like many rare plants and animals found nowhere else, you too will feel you’ve found home.

Imagine waking in your home, sipping on your morning coffee and gazing through your kitchen’s glass doorway upon an oak forest that stretches as far as the eye can see. The vast expanse of wilderness harmonizes with the peace and quiet around you. While the sun rises above the horizon, you close your eyes and feel its warmth on your face. Red-tailed hawks soar above the ridge-line and their calls echo through the sky. The communal morning isn’t lost on you and the tantalizing coastal temperature invites you to spend the day outdoors. The only question left to answer – which of the hundred miles of trails is calling to you the most.

Extensive care and consideration went into designing this community within a Preserve. The true value and legacy of The Preserve lies in the vast, natural beauty of the land. Today, 18,000 acres of wilderness is managed as a wildlife refuge and a living laboratory dedicated to ecological research and conservation by the non-profit, independently funded Santa Lucia Conservancy. The Conservancy’s stewardship efforts aim to create an ecologically sustainable, fire-smart community. Ecologist led hikes and citizen science programs forge a deeper connection to the land for this thriving conservation community.

The reason you fall in love with the land is because of the enchanting lifestyle it affords. To live at The Preserve is to carry this cultural and natural legacy onward, to become a steward of the land for future generations.

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